8 Tips to Stay Warm

Tips & Tricks for Chilly Camping Nights

Even in the summer, temperature concerns while camping must be taken into consideration, especially in colder climates. When the sun goes down, no matter the time of year, it can get chilly! Luckily, we have some simple tips to make your cold camping experience more enjoyable.

  1. Pick the Right Tent– According to experts, ventilation is key when looking for a tent. Additionally, look for double walls with steep side to shed snow effectively. You can learn more about all the different kind of tents here.
  2. Eat and Drink– Keeping our body going is an important part of staying warm. This is true not only from a caloric standpoint, but also for keeping our internal organs moving and active. Getting enough calories and opting for warm foods is best for our internal temperatures.
  3. Sleeping Bag- Getting the right kind of sleeping bag is essential. Some sleeping bags keep wearers warm at as low as negative 40 below! If cold enough, you can even add a quilt or warm blanket on top of the sleeping bag.
  4. Mega Warmer– Using a Grabber Mega Warmer to warm up your sleeping bag is a great way to get your bag ready for a cozy night of sleep, especially when placed in the feet area of your bag. Make sure to take it out before sleeping; do not sleep with a warmer!
  5. Dress in Layers– Wearing layers is a smart way to camp in the cold. Start with proper undergarments that keep you warm, then layer with wool and other fabrics. Avoid cotton when possible.
  6. Avoid the Cold Cocoon– While layers are important, it is vital to wear the right kind of layers. If you find yourself sweating, you’ve overdone it. Sweat can cool when it dries, wrapping you in something of a cold cocoon.
  7. Cover Your Head– We all know that body heat can escape through the head, so having it uncovered is a bad idea. Using a beanie, hoodie or balaclava will help you keep the heat you have stored up remain warmer throughout the night.
  8. Use Your Vents– Airflow in your tent can actually help with staying warm. Hot vapor is released into your tent through breathing, and these water droplets can condensate and freeze against the cold fabric of your tent. So, periodically open the vents of the tent to prevent this.

With the right preparation we can enjoy camping no matter the temperature outside.

Stay warm and happy camping!