Outdoor Apparel


SKI hand warmersGrabber® Heated Apparel helps keep you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops! Designed with special pockets to fit Grabber Warmers, this outdoor apparel is designed to provide comfort and long lasting heat. The ultimate way to stay warm and conquer the cold.

  • Features:
  • Integrated pockets to hold Grabber® Warmers in place
  • Lined with PRO-Grade fleece for a soft, cozy feel
  • Comes with a FREE pair of Grabber Hand Warmers


Keep your hands extra warm and toasty, with the Grabber Cozy Muff w/Mega Warmer. When the weather gets cold, this all-purpose muff comes to the rescue, providing warmth that your regular gloves just can’t deliver. The Grabber Cold Weather Muff is great for football games, camping, hunting or any time you need to keep your hands warm when you’re out in the cold. Place a Grabber Mega Warmer inside the insulated muff to create a warming oven for your hands.

  • Features:
  • Great for warming hands on any occasion
  • Durable waterproof nylon shell
  • Camouflage muffs feature a soft and silent cotton blend
  • Comes with a FREE Grabber Mega Warmer

Grabber Hand Muff with pocket for warmer.Grabber Hand Muff with pocket for warmer.

Grabber Hand Muff with pocket for warmer.